A tailored approach for every client.
A non-predatory finance solution:
Credit-Backed Restaurant Funding
Through our exclusive partnership with inKind Cards, Inc., we provide growth capital to restaurant operators in exchange for a multiple of the funding amount in food and beverage credit. Convive generates returns as we sell credit back to consumers over 12-18 months, while providing flexible, non-dilutive financing to our restaurant partners.
Peace of mind:
Lease/Letter of Credit Guarantees
We help operators secure their ideal location by backstopping lease and letter of credit guarantees. In return, Convive receives cash or food and beverage credit that can be resold for an amount in excess of the carrying costs of the guarantees. With Convive standing behind them, operators can focus on what they do best: providing superior hospitality experiences to their customers.
Removing operational barriers:
Tenant Improvement Financing
Waiting for landlords to reimburse TI allowances can create a cash crunch for restaurants before they can even open for business. Convive helps restaurants bridge the gap by funding the allowance amount up front while landlords work through the punch list and process reimbursements.