Balancing Returns and Impact Across the Hospitality Industry
Resilient Growth Capital
Founded in 2018, Convive Capital is an alternative investment manager focused on credit oriented opportunities in the global hospitality sector.

We provide critical growth capital to hospitality businesses under a proven business model that has generated stable returns even in the most challenging macroeconomic environments.

With over 200 financings to date, Convive Capital has a consistent track record of returning capital to our investors.
The Convive Advantage
Our battle-tested financing strategies have delivered strong returns.
Differentiated Business Model
Through our proprietary financing model, we purchase food and beverage credit which is sold through an exclusive partnership with inKind.
Risk Management
We provide our limited partners with a diversified set of opportunities to invest in the hospitality industry with lower downside risk than a traditional equity-based restaurant investment.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, our portfolio yielded double digit returns to investors, highlighting our ability to operate under the harshest macroeocnomic conditions.
Multiple Funds to Maximize Reach and Impact
Convive Capital invests in a wide array of independent restaurants and restaurant groups across the hospitality sector.

Our capital continues to fuel the growth and expansion of the world's most exciting hospitality concepts.
Our Team
Seated at the intersection of hospitality and finance, our experienced team can deploy capital efficiently and effectively.
Johann Moonesinghe
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Andrew Harris
Co-Founder & Chief Risk Officer
Dawson Lewis
Joanna Mamey
Director of Compliance
Amanda Singer
Vice President