50 Eggs Hospitality
From Financing Provider to Strategic Growth Partner
Executive Summary
50 Eggs Hospitality Group opened its Yardbird Dallas location three weeks before Covid forced its shutdown. When COVID safety measures had been established and it came time to fund the reopening, inKind was selected for our non-dilutive, low cost capital and complimentary on-brand marketing. Through inKind's multi-channel paid and organic marketing programming, inKind gathered 50,000 new customer contacts, and sent in 35 tables that spent $10,000 on Yardbird Dallas' re-opening weekend. 50 Eggs subsequently expanded to funding multiple more locations with inKind.
The Story of 50 Eggs
Miami based 50 Eggs Hospitality Group, named Restaurant Hospitality Magazine's "Coolest Multi-Concept Companies in the Land," is an acclaimed restaurant group with global operations. Their Yardbird concept received a James Beard nomination and was named"Best New Restaurant" by Bon Appétit. After opening Yardbird Dallas on March 1, 2020 at significant expense, they were forced to close this location three weeks later during local Covid restrictions.

The Challenge of Reopening and Expanding in Uncertain Times
Three months later, in seeking to reopen Yardbird Dallas, new capital for restaurants was hard to come by. Additionally, the majority of the marketing team had to be laid off, necessitating new means of marketing and driving customers into the restaurant.

Why 50 Eggs Chose inKind
50 Eggs needed to re-open their restaurants quickly across the country. Not taking equity and providing capital that can be used for anything gave 50 Eggs the flexibility to run their business without interference, allowing them to pivot most effectively during uncertain times.
"inKind is unique because they have the operator's best interests at heart. They understand the challenges of restaurant operations and designed their product to be solutions-orientated. This is a rare relationship that isn't one-sided like other financial partners can be, inKind truly wants to support your business and see you grow."
- Yavuz Pehlivanlar, COO of 50 Eggs Hospitality Group
inKind & 50 Eggs Successes
With inKind's quick underwriting process, we were able to deploy funds to Yardbird Dallas at the point it was needed most. Immediately after providing initial funding, inKind began working to enhance Yardbird's email marketing - engaging current list members, adding more through website captures and driving paid marketing campaigns. Through this process, inKind provided 50,000 verified customer emails back to 50 Eggs to adjunct their marketing efforts.

Through inKind's on-brand marketing services, 3,000 customers purchased dining credit, filling tables, spending more and giving better tips to Yardbird servers. This led 50 Eggs to return to inKind for more funding, expand the partnership to support the opening of Yardbird and their sister brand, CHICA, locations in Chicago, Aspen, LA and more to be announced.
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