Restaurant Financing, Redefined.
Funding that drives new, loyal, high-spending guests through your restaurant's doors.

Built by Operators, For Operators
inKind Capital was founded by operators who want to help restaurants succeed. We've lived the challenges and growth hurdles that operators face everyday. Based on experience, we believe that access to affordable capital and more guest visits are essential to achieving sustainable, long-term success.

inKind Capital provides operators with the lowest cost of capital and drives new, loyal, high-spending guests through your restaurant's doors.
"inKind is unique because they have the operator's best interests at heart."
- Yavuz Pehlivanlar, COO of 50 Eggs Hospitality Group
50 Eggs Hospitality Group
inKind provides funding by purchasing food & beverage credit to your restaurant.
A Win-Win for Operators
and Guests
Step 1: inKind Funding

inKind sells the F&B credit to guests on the inKind app. Guests receive a bonus to spend more.
Step 2: inKind Sells Credit
inKind sends guests to your restaurant. Guests who use inKind visit more often and spend more per visit.
Step 3: Guests Spend
restaurants funded
in capital deployed
inKind guests on platform
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Capital That Works For You
inKind provides upfront capital by purchasing food & beverage credit to your restaurant. Operators receive a lump sum of nonrestrictive cash and do not incur debt or sacrifice ownership.

Because inKind holds credit to your restaurant, our incentives are aligned. When your restaurant succeeds, inKind succeeds, too.
Affordable Capital
• Lowest cost of capital available
• Never pay inKind back
• $50k - $10MM in funding per partner
• Debt-free, equity-free funding
At a glance:

Preserve Your Restaurant's Cash Flow
Restaurants often don't generate enough cash to pay back loans or investors, which limits an operator's access to capital. Without access to affordable capital, restaurants struggle to grow, innovate and achieve sustainable profitability.

inKind's funding model is designed to preserve your restaurant's cash flow.
Invest, Grow, Innovate, Thrive
Full payback plus interest

Can take many months to get

Personal guarantees or pledging of assets

Default can results in forfeiting the business to the lender
A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)
A Bank Loan (or SBA loan)
Full payback plus interest and a fee

High interest rates

Default can result in even higher interest rates and a debt spiral
No loans, no sacrificing ownership

Minimal impact on cash flow.

inKind brings operators one step closer to achieving sustainable profitability.
First in line to get paid any profits

Operator can wait years to see any profits for themselves
An Equity Partner
inKind Capital is:
inKind Capital is NOT:
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Increase Guest Loyalty

Welcome new, loyal,
high-spending guests
When inKind sells the F&B credit to guests, they receive a bonus to spend more at your restaurant. For instance, guests pay $250 and receive $300 – a $50 bonus. inKind guests visit 2.5x more often and spend more per visit. inKind guests are:
Restaurant enthusiasts and foodies
Corporate account holders on business
Groups, large parties and events
Cocktail and happy hour seekers
Custom Marketing

Serve More Guests,
More Often
inKind's marketing services generate incremental guest visits to your restaurant. Our marketing efforts don't interfere with your existing marketing program, but instead serve to expand your reach and discoverability.
inKind uses email, text and social media to keep new and existing customers engaged with your restaurant.
inKind runs frequent promotions for guests to visit your restaurant, including gifting free credit to guests.
With over 1,250,000+ guests on the inKind app, restaurants gain access to our network of high-spend guests.
Digital Marketing
Incentives to Visit
Restaurant Discoverability
inKind Marketing Samples
inKind App
The inKind app
inKind has cultivated a network of 1,250,000+ users on its mobile app platform. The mobile app allows users to:
Enhanced Guest Experiences
    Purchase food & beverage credit

    Discover restaurants

    Make reservations

    View menus

    Send dining credit

    Seamlessly close checks

    And more!
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"Restaurants get what they need; diners get what they want. That's a great in-kind trade." - Fast Company